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Improve your customer communication and document creation

One2One is the efficient document communication solution for insurance-, bank- and pension companies. The solution offers an efficient setup- and design tool for communicative documents that contains various amount of critical information such as regulatory requirements, business campaigns or even law changes.

Managing the output for such documents can be expensive, often requiring high specialized skills for defining the output as well as programming it into the core systems. With One2One you receive a standard package, including easy to use client software, where the design and the rules around every document are built-in functions.  Any document can be created using phrases. Advanced functions such as graphics, color, charts, images etc. are easy to implement into your daily communication. One2One supports the whole cycle from creating the template to final document, print and distribution.

Personalized documents

Documents and standard-phrases are built and maintained in a familiar Microsoft Word-like environment, with added functions to simply drag data fields into the document and define specific rules to phrases. The design tool offers instant preview so the final document is never more than a click away.

Security around editing and activating standard phrases and documents is handled through an approval process for each server in the output management system. Advanced document revision handling and history is part of the document library. Users are able to spot consequences when editing a standard phrase, as it is easy to view in which final document a specific phrase is being part of.

One2One can handle all kinds of documents, from a short letter to a large business report. One2One is intuitive and easily set up which enables non-it-personnel to create and edit business critical documents.

One2One benefits:

•  The office non-it personnel can define and create business documents.

•  No scripting is being used.

•  Each phrase is stored in a local library to be reused in any document.

•  Each phrase can be extracted with logic and extra data.

•  Reuse of phrases in several document facilitate maintenance.

•  Personalized and dynamic documents including graphics.

•  Landscape and portrait in same document.

Integration functionalities with One2One:

•  The creation of a document can be initiated in many ways. One2One has a wide number of interfaces and web services to integrate with your current business software.

•  Data can be received as a normal print or file.

•  Search function for finding missing data, or calculate, convert and script the received data, in order to produce the final document.

•  Support for batch production and distribution of documents in large volumes.

•  Support for printing one single document at the time and possibilities for the user to preview, edit, and finally approve the document.

•  Documents can be produced in a wide range of formats for different purposes (for instance RTF, DOCX, PDF, and PDF-A).Leading platform for distribution

One2One is a part of the Lasernet platform, providing all the benefits that more than 2000 customers already have experienced. Lasernet is also the platform for the document distributions in the One2One solution. Created documents can therefore be sent from our Lasernet Server to any distribution channel. By using our own technology we secure that any new channel will be supported in the future.

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